Fine Arts

"God must’ve had a blast. Painting the stripes on the zebra, hanging the stars in the sky, putting the gold in the sunset. What creativity! Stretching the neck of the giraffe, putting the flutter in the mockingbird’s wings, planting the giggle in the hyena. And then, as a finale to a brilliant performance, He made a human who had the unique honour to bear the stamp, In His Image."
.—Max Lucado

"A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but a things of beauty to the praise of God."
–Francis Schaeffer

Oconee Christian Academy gives students many opportunities to express their God-given talents and creativity in ways that bring glory to God. Through our art, music, and drama programs, our students produce beautiful works of art which bring honor to the Lord as they learn new skills and techniques which improve their natural talents.


Our elementary students learn at an early age to express themselves artistically through classes which develop fine motor skills, an understanding of colors, and simple drawing techniques. In high school, students may enhance their talent and skills in an elective art class.


Our music education begins in elementary school, with students learning simple songs and exploring such areas as rhythm and beats. Beginning in 6th grade, students have the chance to participate in our Praise Bands, using their talents to lead classmates in praise and worship. The Praise Bands often serve as worship leaders at local churches. High school students can also be a part of Oconee Christian’s Chorus.


Oconee Christian Academy’s Drama Club, open to 6th – 12th grade students, produces an annual play, incorporating the variety of dramatic techniques they learn in practices throughout the school year. Students learn about acting as well as all phases of drama production.


Photography, creative writing and graphic design skills are taught through the Oconee Chrisitan Academy Yearbook course. Students annually produce a publication which communicates the life, activities and culture of the school.

Spiritual Life
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Our Mission - To honor, glorify, and serve our Savior, Jesus Christ, by providing our students a quality education through a curriculum founded on Biblical truths, and by nurturing our studentsí personal development through various social and extracurricular opportunities.