Honorable Characteristics

All classes will learn about and teachers look for the fourteen honorable characteristics of respect, obedience, diligence, wisdom, kindness, self-control, orderliness, service, attentiveness, cooperation, courage, honesty, forgiveness, and responsibility.

 Kindergarten for our students is an opportunity to develop and experience language, number, Daily bible lessons, science and social studies mini-lessons, and opportunities to practice social skills supplement this time of instruction.

Our youngest students also benefit from weekly special classes for PE, art, music, library, and Spanish instruction.

  • Kindergarten focuses on the 26 letters of the alphabet. Students systematically learn to read and write letters, to associate letters with sounds, to blend letter-sounds to form words and sentences, and to read and write phonetically regular words as well as Memory Words.
  • How to write capital and lowercase forms of these letters and write words and sentences
  • Blending sounds to read and segmenting sounds to spell
  • How to read 24 Dolch words*
  • Listening comprehension skills and strategies applied during read-aloud and narrated activities on CD
  • Vocabulary skills
  • Modeling of fluency
  • Shared, dictated, and individual writing

Bible: Our goal is to make the study of Bible the most exciting part of the school day. This includes the following:

  • Multiple opportunities for children to commit to saving faith in Jesus Christ
  • Development of an ongoing personal relationship with Jesus
  • Specific age appropriate engagement with the Scriptures
  • Daily opportunities to apply to their lives Bible truths
  • Emphasis on developing Christ like characteristics
  • Connection of biblical principles to real-life needs

Our daily Bible classes are supplemented with a weekly elementary chapel service filled with engaging songs, lessons, and a time of corporate prayer.

The Honorable Character Classroom Management System

It is our desire that students become better equipped to function in society as a result of their experiences in our classrooms; therefore good discipline is necessary. We strive to foster mutual respect while maintaining control. We have adopted the Honorable Character system based on Biblical scripture.

Kindergarteners learn about and teachers look for seven of the fourteen honorable characteristics in the program. They are concentrating on obedience, kindness, self-control, honesty, forgiveness, and responsibility. Using a recording chart and a personal conduct letter the students celebrate with their class and families weekly their honorable character.

Our full day program provides a wonderful opportunity for academic instruction, special activities, organized play, and learning and growing opportunities for a five year old in God’s world.

Spiritual Life
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Our Mission - To honor, glorify, and serve our Savior, Jesus Christ, by providing our students a quality education through a curriculum founded on Biblical truths, and by nurturing our studentsí personal development through various social and extracurricular opportunities.