Spiritual Life

At Oconee Christian Academy, our teachers are committed to building disciples of Jesus Christ through our ministry of education. We desire to instill in each student a Biblical world view, Christian values, and prepare them to serve as Christian leaders in their communities.

Biblical Integration

Oconee Christian Academy’s teachers integrate Biblical principles and worldview into all subject areas. God’s design is evident in all subject matter, and teachers are very purposeful in their instruction.


Our students attend weekly chapel services, giving them the opportunity to participate in praise and worship, and to hear the word of God through guest speakers. Kindergarten through third grade students have Chapel on Tuesdays. Fourth through sixth grades and middle and high school chapels are held on Thursdays.

Boost Program

Our Boost Program gives high school students the opportunity to build leadership skills as they develop their own relationships with the Lord.

OCA’s Boost Team provides spiritual leadership of the High School and Middle School student body.

Boost Team Purpose:

  • Lead students to know Jesus not only as Savior, but as Lord of their life
  • Lead school in God-honoring worship

Boost Team Members must:

  • Live their life committed to Jesus as their Lord:
    • Have a vital relationship with Jesus through Bible reading and prayer
    • Be above reproach & model obedience to Christ
  • Love and support their fellow students and school
    • Point students to Jesus in everyday circumstances
    • Pray for students and encourage them in their Christian walk
  • Practice true Christian community within the Boost Team as an example for the whole school
    • Pray for one another, hold one another accountable in our walk with Christ
    • Resolve personal conflict quickly and biblically

Boost Team Responsibilities:

  • Develop a Boost Theme, Verse and T-Shirt Design for each school year
  • Plan Boost Chapels: The first chapel of each month
  • Plan and Lead High School Fall Retreat
  • Plan Warrior Impact Training in the Spring

If you would like to know more about OCA’s Boost Team, please contact Dr. Joe Chapa, mailto: jchapa@oconeechristian.org

Community Ministry

Oconee Christian Academy’s students are encouraged to be involved in ministry opportunities in their local community. Classes often plan and implement mission projects as a way to minister to others. High school students are expected to complete a number of service hours as part of their graduation requirements.

Spiritual Life
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Our Mission - To honor, glorify, and serve our Savior, Jesus Christ, by providing our students a quality education through a curriculum founded on Biblical truths, and by nurturing our studentsí personal development through various social and extracurricular opportunities.