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Athletic Forms

Athletic Forms 

Athletic Handbook 

Oconee Christian Academy encourages students to participate in whatever sports are offered during the year. Athletic participation is a family affair and should be discussed with parents and coaches prior to embarking upon the rigorous schedule required for sporting events.

In order to participate, athletes must be present at school on the day an athletic event is scheduled. In the event scheduling is done by someone other than OCA and necessitates team members missing class, the coach is to submit to the administration a list of students and classes missed. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain any work missed due to early dismissal for athletic participation.

To be eligible to participate in school sponsored athletics, students must achieve an overall GPA of 2.0 during the preceding nine weeks in all core subjects and have an average of at least 73 in all subjects for that nine weeks. The preceding nine weeks is defined as the last nine weeks before the given sports season began. If a student’s academic standing falls below these minimum standards on a mid-term or nine-week grading report, then that student will be ineligible to play or travel with a sports team.